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Foundations of Herbalism


Herbalism Foundations is an immersive six-week course designed to introduce participants to the foundational principles and practices of Western herbal medicine. Throughout this comprehensive program, students will delve into the rich world of herbalism, exploring the identification, preparation, and application of medicinal plants for holistic health and wellness. We will address the physical, energetic, and spiritual properties of the plant allies. The course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences, empowering participants to cultivate a deeper understanding of herbal remedies and their practical applications in everyday life. Course Format: Each week will include lectures, discussions, hands-on activities, and/or practical demonstrations. Students will get to take home samples of herbs and examples of the herbal preparations made in the class. Students must commit to the entire series, and courses must be taken in order. Week 1: Introduction to Herbalism Week 2: Herbal Actions and Properties Week 3: Herbal Preparations: Infusions and Tinctures Week 4: Herbal Preparations: Oil Infusions and Salves Week 5: Herbal Formulations and Herbal Remedies for Specific Systems Week 6: Holistic Approach to Herbalism




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