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Creativity Unlocked

Warm-toned abstract small paintings and paint brushes

In the sacred space of a February New Moon cacao ceremony, amidst the flickering glow of candlelight, we embarked on a short journey of creation. I introduced the participants to a technique that transforms intention-setting statements into visual designs, a process that often evokes both excitement and trepidation. We created decorative sigils drawn on index cards. A simple process that takes an intention or prayer and uses the abstracted letters in the statement to create a single image encoded with the message. It's a simple technique, but there's something inherently vulnerable about putting pencil to paper, about giving form to the whispers of our hearts. It's a vulnerability partially rooted in the scars of our past – the echoes of judgments and criticisms that have left us feeling inadequate and unworthy. Many of us carry the weight of childhood traumas, where our creativity was stifled by the voices of others; where our art, singing, dancing, or creative expression was deemed "bad" and unworthy of of that outlet.

But here's the thing about creativity – it's a birthright, a sacred flame that burns within each of us, waiting to be kindled. Yet, tapping into that creative power can feel daunting, even terrifying, at first. It requires us to confront our fears, to challenge the narratives that have kept us small and stifled for far too long. In that cacao ceremony, one participant shared a poignant story of how her creativity had been silenced, how the joy she once found in artistic expression had been dulled by the weight of shame and fear. Her words resonated with many of us, stirring memories of our creative journeys marred by self-doubt and insecurity.

I want to recognize that art and creativity, in whatever form, possess a transformative power. It has the ability to heal old wounds, to dismantle the false stories and limiting beliefs that have held us captive. Through the act of creation, we reclaim our voices, rewriting the narratives of our lives with every brushstroke we take, every note we sing, every flourish we dance. At its core, creativity is an act of courage – a willingness to embrace the unknown, to dance in the liminal spaces between what was and what could be. It requires us to cultivate a spirit of unconditional love and non-competitiveness toward ourselves and toward others, to celebrate the unique beauty of our expressions without comparison or judgment.

Abstract red, pink and lime green sigil

So, as we gather in sacred circles (wherever we find them - sister circles, dining room tables, in the beauty of nature), as we pour our intentions onto paper and watch them bloom into something new, let us remember the power that lies within us. Be cautious of the words you use around children who are being creative - don't limit them or try to fit their creativity into a box. Let's make a goal to reclaim our creative sovereignty, knowing that in the act of creation, we find love.

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