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May Newsletter: Welcome May with Wellness & Wonder

May 1, 2024

Dear Friend of Adhara Alchemy,


Happy May Day and Beltane blessings! May 1st roughly marks the middle point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, and it is a day to celebrate the beginning of another growing season. This part of the year has the longest days as seeds go into the ground and plants emerge. It is a time of rebirth and renewal.


This is the best time of year to start something new - learn a new skill, build upon old ones, try something you haven't done before. It is also an amazing time to start what you have planned in the previous part of the cycle - plant your garden (literal or symbolic), commit to a wellness routine (meditation practice every morning or receiving reiki every month), embark on a journey of personal development (like learning a new language or taking a workshop), explore nature more deeply (hiking, foraging, or birdwatching), or volunteer with a community organization. (If hiking and foraging  are of interest, you might want to read my last two blog posts!)


As we embrace this season of growth and rejuvenation, I'm thrilled to invite you to some special events designed to enrich your body, mind, and spirit. On May 7th, join us for the Taurus New Moon Cacao Ceremony - a perfect setting for manifesting self-love and abundance. Then, on the evening of Friday, May 10th, I'll be at Fox Vally Saddle Association for a workshop on herbalism for horses and riders. On May 18th, I'm offering a class at Healing Arts in Batavia on herbalism for Women's Health.


Looking ahead to June, I have foraging trips planned that you can join to deepen your connection to nature and learn a bit about our local flora. I'm also offering an all-day hands-on incense-making workshop, where you can learn this ancient craft and create samples to take home.


I hope you will join me in these experiences, each crafted to enhance your connection to the healing power of nature and personal growth during this transformative time of year.


Wishing you a healthy and balanced spring,



May Classes

Herbalism for Horse and Rider Partnering with Region 5 Working Equitation event, discover the principles of herbalism, specifically designed for horses and riders. In this session, you will be introduced to herbs that can support the horse's and human companions' health.  We will address herbal solutions for topical and internal use. Learn how to incorporate herbs as supplements to support common horse health issues, like managing pain, treating bruises, reducing inflammation, assisting with parasites; and rider issues like sore muscles, nervousness or anxiety, and inflammation.

Friday, May 10th , 5 to 6:30 pm



Herbal Wellness- Plant Allies for Women's Health:  This class will explore herbal preparations for addressing women's reproductive health. This session focuses on the nurturing properties of specific plants for women's well-being. Through hands-on experiences, ceremonial practices, and in-depth learning, participants will discover the therapeutic properties of Motherwort, Raspberry Leaf, Lady's Mantle, and Chasteberry.

Saturday, May 18th, 10 am to Noon



Foraging 101: Late Spring Wild Foods and Medicines: Join us for an engaging wild food and medicine foraging class, where you'll explore diverse ecosystems including prairies, oak savannahs, pine forests, and marshes. Learn to identify and use various early spring edibles and medicinal plants under the guidance of an experienced herbalist. You'll gain insights into the nutritional, medicinal, energetic, and spiritual properties of plants, trees, mushrooms, and herbs. This class also covers the basics of ethical harvesting and conservation principles, helping you safely and sustainably gather wild foods and medicines. Deepen your connection with nature and enhance your foraging skills through this immersive experience.

Saturday, June 1st OR Sunday June 2nd, 9am to Noon



Crafting Incense:  Join us for an immersive one-day intensive workshop dedicated to the craft of incense making. This hands-on experience will take you on a journey through the theory, materials, techniques, and practical application of creating incense in several forms and gain insights into its historical significance and modern-day uses. Learning to craft incense not only enables personalized blends aligned with individual preferences and intentions but also grants the empowering ability to control the ingredients, ensuring awareness and understanding of the specific elements used in the aromatic creation, fostering a deeper connection with plant allies, and promoting holistic well-being. Includes all materials.

Saturday, June 22nd

10am to 4pm



May Cacao Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates the Taurus new moon - a time to focus on self-love, sacred sensuality, enhancing self-worth, and drawing in abundance to support those goals. New moons are perfect times for the heart-opening effects of cacao. Gathering together to drink cacao can create healing, connection, and inspiration.


I hope to see you Tuesday, May 7th from 6 pm to 8 pm!


Future dates:


Book a healing arts session

Want to book a healing and wellness session, but you aren't sure what modality you are interested in? Click the link below to explore the different modalities. Don't hesitate to reach out and have a conversation with me for what would best match your goals.

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